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Master your Hormones Toolkit
8 months ago

Master your Hormones Toolkit

trouble with hormones again I say ‘Just because it is, does not mean it has to be.’ We all know hormones are part of a woman’s life however sometimes there is the physco woman who sneaks out or the bitchy one who is fuming inside. Each of these devils can be tamed and this is where I can help. This dynamic toolkit of Master your Hormones has sparked energy, confidence, and calm for women as every 7 years a female body is in a state of change. Within this toolkit it delves into
  1. The everyday life effects on Hormones and Nutrition
  2. Discover how to beat the Menopause Trap
  3. Release the sneaky 7 Hormonal Dwarfs and become snow white again 
  4. Be aware to calm the Stressful Hormonal Red Flags 
  5. Save Your Ladies – Your Breasts daily routine
  6. Easy Home Healing Strategies to start right away
  7. Supportive Health goals revealed
Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas  …designed to stay healthy!
14 Easy to Make Christmas Party Recipes 17 Great Gift Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank! 12 Days of Christmas Health Tips The Spirit of Christmas to share with friends
Kickstart your Metabolism Introduction
Completing a ‘Kickstart your Metabolism’ cleanse is great any time of year however according to the Chinese Medicine Calendar, autumn is the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your body with a Detox.  Release the toxins affecting you now so you have a healthier winter body to fight off colds and flus. Restore your body to vibrant energy so you feel confident and motivated. Besides walking you through these 3 Pillars to “Kickstart your Metabolism” I’ll also teach you… Organic Living - Back to Basics – removing “CLUTTER” (I love this one) Plus Kickstart the LiverFermentation you can do at home for gut and liver health PLUS Personal Power Toolbox - DETOXING Made Simple – My secret process not taught anywhere else. We’re not merely existing anymore. These Pillars reveal ultimate health choices used daily – FOREVER!
Mindset Mastery
11 months ago

Mindset Mastery

What will you receive during the Mindset Mastery Masterclass: ✓ Home Healing Toolbox with over 37 pages of information and worksheets ✓ 9 hours of interactive learning online in the comfort of your own home ✓ Supportive emails to stay motivated. ✓ Uplifting Mindful Meditations to use at any time to help stay calm ✓ Six Sessions as below to release stuck points   Session 1
  • Understand why you do the things you do
  • Discover simple yet effective tools to tame the thoughts
  • What the 5 Keys to Health and Healing are
Session 2
  • Journaling, what is it and why is it Healthy?
  • Affirmations – does it Really Matter?
  • Create your personal Enjoyment list
Session 3
  • What is Positive Imagery and how does it work
  • Discover what you could really think and feel about yourself
  • Child’s Play experience and love this!
Session 4
  • Ways to improve Self Condience Fast
  • Activities to live life fully – no regrets!
  • How to make Choices and Love them
Session 5
  • How to let go of what no longer serves you
  • Discover the power to Calm
  • What are Strategic Words affecting your life?
Session 6
  • Release old Patterns
  • How to bring Freedom and Newness to your Life
  • We Reveal your Personal Identity for Freedom
Summon your Strength
1 year ago

Summon your Strength

A Journey to Beat Anxiety, Ongoing Stress, to feel Calmer and Confident
  •   Are you stressed about meetings?
  •   Do you cope with stress by closing off from people?
  •   Do you feel insecure about what other people say?
  •   Anxiety, Ongoing Stress or Feel Inadequate in Your Life?
Is it time to leave Stress behind you? Discover inner Calm and become Unshakable, no matter what! Often people are stressed to the eyeballs, Life is constantly Go Go Go and one finds it difficult to Stop to Relax. There is always something to do, however all you truly want is to feel calm. You’ve tried many things but they didn’t work for you, if only your life was Simple and Easy! Then this short calming program of 7 videos sent to your inbox is for YOU!   You will be able to:
  • Listen at a time that suits you
  • Replay the session at anytime
  • Set the atmosphere to help feel calm
I have made it my mission to discover what it takes to be Calm, Health – Mind and Body Working with People every day and since 1995 I have been able to help hundreds of clients leave Stress behind and Feel Calm no matter what!   Right now, life brings up stress and anxiety, and the belief:
  • You have to do it all!
  • You have deadlines to meet.
  • You need to be in many places at the same time?
I say STOP and join me for 7 Days to Summon your Strength. To help you wind down and call on the inner calm for mind and body to relax and recoup from the day’s stress and anxieties.   You will receive 7 days, daily online via email these powerful short sessions of: 1. Relax, Unwind, Breathe! 2. Meditate, Re-energise and Re-vitalise! 3. The Power of Journaling 4. How Affirmations Work to Beat Anxiety 5. You can’t be all things to all People 6. We all have Choices – Discover Yours 7. Release the Past & Move to the Future   Imagine a world to beat Anxiety & Stress, Feel Calm and be Confident I look forward to sharing with you.

Join the 7 Days Summon your Strength for ONLY $39 for all 7 Sessions!

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