Master your Hormones Toolkit

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trouble with hormones again I say ‘Just because it is, does not mean it has to be.’

We all know hormones are part of a woman’s life however sometimes there is the physco woman who sneaks out or the bitchy one who is fuming inside. Each of these devils can be tamed and this is where I can help.

This dynamic toolkit of Master your Hormones has sparked energy, confidence, and calm for women as every 7 years a female body is in a state of change.

Within this toolkit it delves into

  1. The everyday life effects on Hormones and Nutrition
  2. Discover how to beat the Menopause Trap
  3. Release the sneaky 7 Hormonal Dwarfs and become snow white again 
  4. Be aware to calm the Stressful Hormonal Red Flags 
  5. Save Your Ladies – Your Breasts daily routine
  6. Easy Home Healing Strategies to start right away
  7. Supportive Health goals revealed


@ Charmaine Renaud
Master your Hormones Toolkit
Master your Hormones Toolkit


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