Mindset Mastery

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What will you receive during the Mindset Mastery Masterclass:

✓ Home Healing Toolbox with over 37 pages of information and worksheets

✓ 9 hours of interactive learning online in the comfort of your own home

✓ Supportive emails to stay motivated.

✓ Uplifting Mindful Meditations to use at any time to help stay calm

✓ Six Sessions as below to release stuck points


Session 1

  • Understand why you do the things you do
  • Discover simple yet effective tools to tame the thoughts
  • What the 5 Keys to Health and Healing are

Session 2

  • Journaling, what is it and why is it Healthy?
  • Affirmations – does it Really Matter?
  • Create your personal Enjoyment list

Session 3

  • What is Positive Imagery and how does it work
  • Discover what you could really think and feel about yourself
  • Child’s Play experience and love this!

Session 4

  • Ways to improve Self Condience Fast
  • Activities to live life fully – no regrets!
  • How to make Choices and Love them

Session 5

  • How to let go of what no longer serves you
  • Discover the power to Calm
  • What are Strategic Words affecting your life?

Session 6

  • Release old Patterns
  • How to bring Freedom and Newness to your Life
  • We Reveal your Personal Identity for Freedom


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Mindset Mastery
Mindset Mastery


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